Future of Accelerators

The Dynamics CRM team have announced that the following 4.0 accelerators are being upgraded to 2011 solutions:

  • Customer Portal
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Portal
  • Customer Care Accelerator
  • Read the rest here.


    Converting 2011 Beta Site to Trial

    Just a few weeks back into 2011 for me (nice long holiday :)) and my first post of 2011.

    Over the past week, we’ve been trying to convert several of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 beta sites to Trial. Upon visiting http://offers.crmchoice.com/crm2011-upgrade-customer-conversion/ and starting the process by selecting Credit Card payment, I immediately hit a snag with the sign in page- turns out I had to turn on ‘InPrivate Viewing’ in IE. (Goes without saying, that this process doesn’t work at all in anything other than IE.)

    So after switching to InPrivate Viewing, I still had to sign-in about 3 times before it let me in. Once in, Step 1 is simply selecting the Organisation to convert. Step 2 asks you to complete your details. I discovered that I had to complete ALL fields on the page instead of just the mandatory ones. On Step 3, I had another snag. The page loaded with the banner and footer but nothing else. I could see a JavaScript error but the error didn’t offer anything of help. The Microsoft Support team told me that it was a known issue and the work around was to refresh the page (F5) when at Step 3. Tried it and managed to successfully complete it.

    Hope that helps somebody else.