Changing the name of the SQL Server that CRM uses

When spinning up bundled images on Amazon’s EC2 service, you have the option to maintaining the base image’s name or letting the config service update it for you. We chose to update it, and of course, the CRM Asynchronous Service would fail to start. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to make the necessary changes to get it up and running again. (In our case, CRM and SQL were on the same server)

The following keys in the registry need to be updated in the MSCRM folder:

  • configdb
  • database
  • metabase
  • serverurl
  • The following tables in the ConfigDB need to be updated with the new Server name:

  • Organization
  • Deployment
  • After that the service should start up without any problems. In a bundled environment where you will be changing the server name often and you have one server for CRM and SQL, you can simply update your base image so that all connection strings in the registry and database have ‘localhost’ as the datasource instead of the servername. However, the Name column in the Deployment table will need to be updated with the new name of the Server.


    Microsoft CRM on Amazon EC2

    Over the weekend I provisioned a Windows 2003 server on Amazon’s EC2 and installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (plus all the pre-req’s). The idea was to bundle it up as a base image when finished so that I can run up a CRM image for UAT/Test/etc purposes when needed. The installation went fine, in fact, no different to installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a ‘normal’ server however, I unfortunately didn’t do enough research before starting and have found out that the D drive isn’t going to be persisted when it’s turned off!! Grrr 😡

    As I was installing CRM over the weekend, one of my colleagues was installing TFS 2010 and he has put together a post on his experience- worth a read if you’re planning on doing anything on EC2.