Converting 2011 Beta Site to Trial

Just a few weeks back into 2011 for me (nice long holiday :)) and my first post of 2011.

Over the past week, we’ve been trying to convert several of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 beta sites to Trial. Upon visiting and starting the process by selecting Credit Card payment, I immediately hit a snag with the sign in page- turns out I had to turn on ‘InPrivate Viewing’ in IE. (Goes without saying, that this process doesn’t work at all in anything other than IE.)

So after switching to InPrivate Viewing, I still had to sign-in about 3 times before it let me in. Once in, Step 1 is simply selecting the Organisation to convert. Step 2 asks you to complete your details. I discovered that I had to complete ALL fields on the page instead of just the mandatory ones. On Step 3, I had another snag. The page loaded with the banner and footer but nothing else. I could see a JavaScript error but the error didn’t offer anything of help. The Microsoft Support team told me that it was a known issue and the work around was to refresh the page (F5) when at Step 3. Tried it and managed to successfully complete it.

Hope that helps somebody else.


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