Quick Campaign Bug

A client of mine found a problem with Quick Campaign’s in his CRM environment. He was playing with the QC functionality and created a new QC, and then deleted the associated merge Letter/Email without sending it/distributing it. He then could not delete the QC record and got an error message saying that “This record is currently being used by Microsoft CRM and cannot be deleted.”

I had to remove the records from the database itself. The QC entity does not have it’s own table in the database, instead it is recognised within the system a Bulk Operation Activity. I had to remove it from the following tables:
– BulkOperationBase,
– ActivityPointerBase.


“Send Direct Email” does not work

A client called me a few days ago and said that he couldn’t ‘Send Direct Emails’. After he’d select the template to send, it would simply do nothing, the History wouldn’t show the send email nor would the recipient recieve any emails.

Naturally, the first place I looked was the Microsoft CRM Bulk Email service. I found that it was set to logon as the Network Service account. I changed this to Local System account (this is after I had tested to ensure that emailing was working from all other avenues in Microsoft CRM) and voila it started working.

Changing User Name in AD?

If you are changing the username of a CRM user in Active Directory, you’ll notice that the username field on the User record in CRM will still show the old username. That’s because the change in AD doesn’t propogate to the CRM database.

You’ll find that even though the username field is incorrect in CRM, the user will still be able to log in as normal- that’s because authentication is handled by AD and not CRM. However, exported dynamic worksheets and pivot-tables will no longer work. They will also recieve errors when trying to view most of the standard CRM reports.

To fix the problem, simply update the DomainName field in the systemuser table in your OrganisationName_MSCRM database of the affected user. After the change, their problems should be fixed.

UPDATE systemuser SET DomainName = ‘MYDOMAIN\andrew’ WHERE DomainName = ‘MYDOMAIN\andr3w’